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Digital Recorder R1


Digital recorder R1 is an acquisition system for capturing and monitoring of large amounts of electrical quantities. The device is designed to receive and process digital data streams in IEC 61850-9-2 format.

Captured waveforms are saved to COMTRADE files. The files are available for download through the service port (FTP) or via USB (flash memory).

Digital Recorder


  • IEC 61850-9-2LE compliant;
  • Support of non-LE profiles;
  • Local and remote HMI management;
  • Individual custom filter for each data stream (up to a parameter);
  • Merging data from multiple streams into one COMTRADE file;
  • Recording of additional service information, including the flags and characteristics of digital streams.

  • Digital Recorder screen Digital Recorder screen


    The device consists of two main blocks: the main block and the local management panel (LCD touchscreen monitor). Both units are designed for installation into a 19' rack.

    The device is equipped with two operating Ethernet ports for digital streams capturing. The device allows simultaneous recording on both operating ports.


    The device requires the external NTP clock source for proper operation (sync is used for validation of timestamps in the incoming digital flows and for results timestamping).

    To improve the accuracy of DI's timestamps, it is recommended to connect the 1PPS synchronization signal source (by one of the DI ports).

    Digital Recorder

    Technical Data

    Operating ports 2x Ethernet ports (1000BASE-T, RJ-45)
    Service port Ethernet port (1000BASE-T, RJ-45)
    Digital inputs 2x DI (10 V, 50 Om, BNC)
    Local storage interface 4x USB ports
    Local HMI interface LCD touch panel, Russian and English HMI localization
    Calendar NTP, SNTP
    For DI timestamping 1PPS (BNC)
    Protocols and formats
    IEC 61850-9-2 support LE metering (12 800 samples per second)
    LE protection (4 000 samples per second)
    Recording format COMTRADE
    Information protocols FTP (results)
    R1 remote management protocol (proprietary)
    Main block dimensions, mm 450 x 89 x 380 (2U @ 19' rack)
    Main block weight, kg 11
    Local HMI dimensions, mm 450 x 356 x 200 (8U @ 19' rack)
    Local HMI weight, kg 9
    Rack mount accessories Included
    Power Supply
    Input voltage range 176...264 VAC @ 50,60 Hz
    Power < 250 W
    Temperature range +5°C... +40°C
    Humidity 80 @ +25°C

    Downloadable Material

    DigitalRecorder R1.pdf


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