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Synchronized phasor measurement unit PMU-101


PMU-101 is a highly accurate synchronized phasor measurement unit (PMU) for wide area monitoring, control and protection systems, allowing to obtain reliable picture of power grid state in real time. Global navigation satellite systems (GPS/GLONASS) provide precise synchronization for phasor time-tagging. Device is IEC 61850 compliant and compatible with other vendors solutions.


  • Full support of IEC 61850-8-1 data transmission and IEC 61850-7-X logical data structure;
  • Measurements with process bus IEC-61850-9-2 SV;
  • IEEE C37.118.1-2011 P-class synchrophasor measurements;
  • Reliable high performance hardware platform;
  • Remote operation and monitoring via web-interface;
  • Built-in self diagnostics and archiving system;
  • Easy-to-use color touch screen based human-machine interface.

  • PMU

    Technical information

    Display 320x200 QVGA color touch screen
    Status LEDs Power (green), Fault (red), Alarm (red)
    Ethernet connector 100 Base-TX (RJ-45) or 100 Base-FX(ST)
    Optical port IEC 61107
    Synchronization port IEEE 422, 1PPS IEC 60044-8 (RJ-12 6P6C)
    Standard IEC 61850-8-1, IEC 61850-9-2, IEC 60870-5-104, IEEE C37.118, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, Telnet
    Programmable Outputs
    Type and Number Dry contact, up to 8 sets
    Rating 1 Arms
    Event Inputs
    Type and Number Up to 8 sets
    Rating 220 Vrms
    Protocols NMEA 0183, 1PPS IEC 60044-8, NTP RFC 5905
    Accuracy UTC В± 1 μs
    Standard IEEE C37.118 (UDP and TCP transport level supported)
    Rate Selectable: 10,25,50/sec for 50 Hz, or 10,12,15,20,30,60/sec for 60 Hz (coming soon)
    Number of clients Up to 5 independent clients with own protocol settings
    Voltage 90 to 264 Vac (47-440 Hz)
    120 to 370 Vdc
    with redundancy support (DIN 41612)
    Consumed power < 15W
    EMC IEC 61000
    Dimensions (W С… H С… D) < 250 W
    Embodiment ANSI 6' block
    Weight < 2kg (4.4 lbs)
    Temperature Operating: +5 to +55 °C
    Nonoperating: -25 to +50 °C
    Humidity < 90% noncondensing
    Enclosure rating IP20
    Arms ±0.2%
    Vrms ±0.15%
    Frequency ±0.001 Hz
    ROCOF (df/dt) ±0.02 Hz/s
    TVE ±1%
    Watts, Wh ±0.2%
    VA, VAh ±0.2%
    VAR, VARh ±1.0%
    Phase angle ±0.1°
    VAR, VARh ±1 μs

    Dimensions and connections

    PMU scheme
    PMU scheme PMU scheme

    Ordering information

    PMU-101. U V W X Y Z
    M1 "Copper" Ethernet and 1PPS interfaces
    M2 "Optical" Ethernet and 1PPS interfaces
    F1 Nominal frequency FN=50 Hz
    F2 Nominal frequency FN=60 Hz
    I0 No digital inputs module
    I1 8 digital inputs
    O0 No digital outputs module
    O1 8 digital outputs
    A0 No current inputs module
    A1 4 current inputs, rated current IN=1 A
    A2 4 current inputs, rated current IN=2 A
    A3 4 current inputs, rated current IN=5 A
    V0 No voltage inputs module
    V1 4 voltage inputs, rated voltage UN=57.7 V
    V2 4 voltage inputs, rated voltage UN=100 V
    V3 4 voltage inputs, rated voltage UN=110 V
    V4 4 voltage inputs, rated voltage UN=115 V
    V5 4 voltage inputs, rated voltage UN=120 V

    Downloadable Material

    Synchronized phasor measurement unit PMU-101.pdf


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