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Digital Substation

The concept of digital substations is based on the use of digital technologies for the integration of automated process-control and protection systems at energy facilities.

Application of digital technologies provides a means of cost saving for metering, protection and management system integration at substations, enhancing reliability and transparency of substation equipment functioning and optimizing its operation processes.

JSC EC Continuum develops designs of digital technologies and methods of their implementation at energy facilities, performs R&D in the realization of intellectual electronic devices and systems, and carries out system integration of the solutions intended for the creation of digital substations at customers' facilities.


Kontinuum 3DTechnology innovative manufacturing technology for production of electric power measurement equipment for various applications.

Project description:

Voltage divider (portotype) We are creating a new generation of manufacturing technology for the electric power equipment production, including voltage and current instrument transformers. We suggest manufacturing power equipment using unified 3D printing technology. It invokes different types of conductive and insulating materials in the 3D printing process. Existing technology requires complex and numerous equipment, rare materials (e.g. precious metals, which price is continuously rising), various specialists, expensive machine or hand labor. Our technology allows to create small and medium scale “on-demand” manufacturing. It does not require much capital investment and can easily be re-oriented for production of another equipment types. It can be used for on-site production to eliminate the transport costs. In general it is expected to reduce the prime cost for about 15-20%. The technology provides rapid access to manufacturing of new line of products or customized products with special characteristics. A large field of applications for this technology is production of current and voltage instrument transformers .

Main effects for end user:

  1. For power company which uses the technology - minimize stocks of the reserve parts, add the ability for rapid on-site production, vendor independence.
  2. For manufacturer of equipment - minimization the stock, the ability to make individual/specific orders, simplification of production (no assembly operations), unified equipment and materials for manufacture various types of products.

Key benefits:

  1. Low prime cost of manufacturing, even for small scale production.
  2. Unique technical characteristics: weight, durability, accuracy, reliability, fault tolerance, heat dissipation and etc.
  3. Fine and rapid tuning according to customer’s demands.
  4. Allows “on-demand” emergency manufacturing (for example on sites of application - electrical substations, oil platforms, ships, etc.).
  5. Modern design and usage of innovative 3d printing methods.

Complex Layered Structure:

Example of new 3D structure New 3D structures for instrument transformers are designed to improve target accuracy, reliability, fault-tolerance, durability and vibration resistance. We have developed the special topology of the conducting layers to compensate for the parasitic inductive currents.

Project status:

We are working on the improvement of technology, materials, new structures and fields of application. We have investigated the available third-party technology, identified its limitations and capabilities, and protected our intellectual property. Our main focus are the solutions for manufacturing of the instrument transformers. We have fully formed the project team which can successfully finalize and carry out the project up to commercialization stage.

Smart Grid

Smart grid activities are concentrated around the creation of intellectual electric power supply systems, ensuring a new high reliability level of power supply to customers, and are also aimed at safe and cost-effective operation of power networks. Smart grid combines the groups of automated technologies for energy metering, distribution network management, electrical equipment status control, street lighting system management, use of alternative and renewable energy.

JSC EC Continuum provides consulting services in the sphere of smart grid development and performs complex integration and service of smart grid technologies.

Energy Efficiency

The high-scale energy efficiency provides manufacturers with an opportunity to cut the energy expenditure in product costs. This trend is mostly up to date today when the tendency for the growing energy tariffs is obvious.

To analyze the manufacturer's potential energy efficiency, the specialists of JSC EC Continuum carry out energy surveying. Based on its results they draw out an energy performance certificate and define a package plan for energy efficiency upgrading. These actions and the following realization of the plan are performed within the framework of energy-service work.

Communication systems

JSC EC Continuum performs complex development of process communication and data-transmission systems, low-power networks, communication centers; provides info security actions and monitors communication equipment.

Industrial Automation

JSC EC Continuum provides a whole range of services for the development and modernization of automated process-control systems. Development of automated process-control systems is based on the open standards and technologies.

JSC EC Continuum works out the specialized controllers and communication gateways, used to integrate components with various information structures.


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