We ensure that our customer will be offered the most modern and effective technical solution.

НИОКР The company's activity is directed at Research and Development in the sector of electric power industry, communication and industrial automation. Technical documentation, such as technical concepts, template solutions, work methods, design documentation, prototypes and trial designs are the examples of the results of the company's research and development works.

The company's experts possess the essential experience and qualification to execute complicated research works, while meeting the prescribed time and providing the highest quality results.

Патенты Today the company's employees are the members of the workgroups of technical committees of International Electrotechnical Commission and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, developing standards for the concepts of SmartGrid, WAMPAC and Digital Substation.

The executed works comply both with the national requirements and with international standards.

The company's membership in International Electrotechnical Commission and successful cooperation with foreign partners allow implementing modern innovations and using most up-to-date concepts within the framework of contract works.

The company leads an active patent activity aimed to protect its copyright for the results of its own research works or the results of contract works.


Contract projects

The products developed by the company's experts under a contract are implemented
on many industrial facilities.

The company fulfills contract projects on electronic engineering and development of automated systems. The object of the works can be either a single board or a software module or a multicomponent hardware and software system as well.

The company can take part both in realization of separate stages of the contract project or implement the whole cycle from requirements defining to serial manufacture setting-up. Thus, the company's activity includes:

  • development of design and software documentation and of all technical and technological documentation for manufacture, certification and setting-up of serial production;
  • development of single PC-boards, electronic devices and hardware systems;
  • design of constructions, cabinets and other elements of the system under development;
  • development of embedded software (ARM, PLD, etc.)
  • development of software for Windows and Linux.

Quality control is realized on each stage and the finished product is followed by technical support and maintenance.

Consulting services of technical nature

The highly-experienced experts of the company are always able
to find a unique technical solutions according to specific needs.

The company also provides consulting services of technical nature in the sector of industrial automation. The company's experts can audit technical solutions, develop a program for energy efficiency rising, work out a technical economic justification of an innovative solution. The company successfully cooperates with the biggest Russian power engineering institutes, manufactures of electronic equipment, grid companies and with the biggest power generators and consumers.

The company's experience in the development of hardware and software complexes can be used in testing or certification of products.

Systems engineering

Our main goal is to provide a customer with the best engineering solution.

The list of services includes design of automation systems, including distributed systems and complex technical systems. The company's experts are competent enough to realize the whole cycle of works, including development of project documentation, assembling and commissioning, equipment delivery and further maintenance of the developed system.

The company is unique for it is very experienced in system design for pilot technological solutions, including automated management systems like Digital Substation. Pilot projects with innovative technological solutions and modern equipment are quite risky and imply a high level of responsibility. The company's experience and competence in this sector ensure risk minimization at pilot installations. The company worked on the first in Russia implementation of optical transformers, the first industrial buildup of the process bus and on the development of the operating example of a digital substation.

The company's rich and multi-sided experience allows creating of the most effective and adaptable solutions based on the results of the best achievements in the sectors of power engineering, communication and hardware and software development.

The company's experts are experienced in the management of big projects with the participation of many sides.


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